Jean Ann Brock

The one and only Chief Fun Officer brings her personal brand to life.

Jean Ann Brock is Co-Founder of Highland Homes, an award-winning Texas homebuilder, and a voice for fun and livability in the homebuilding world. In order to live up to Jean Ann’s bright and joyful personality, TPD created a colorful brand story filled with bold type and playful patterns. This distinctive personal brand sets her apart from the traditional Highland Homes brand. Using a bright palette to suit her larger-than-life personality, we developed a custom suite of icons to bring her collateral, packaging, and social media to life. From social media designs to personal gifting experiences, this brand design suite allows Jean Ann to infuse every aspect of her lifestyle brand with her bright personality.


Jean Ann Brock is the ultimate CFO infusing joy and style into every aspect of her lifestyle and livability brand.

Custom iconography and illustrations for everything from brand elements to photo shoot props.


Gift-giving is one of the easiest ways to bring fun into someone’s life and Jean Ann loves to send gifts. TPD creates personalized gifting experiences and custom boxes for any occasion.

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