KFI Studios

Infusing new life to a furniture brand built on quality, function, and beautiful design.

KFI Studios has been producing high-function, high-design furniture for more than 20 years — so it was time for a brand that reflected its accolades. As a rebranding project, TPD didn’t want to completely reinvent KFI. Instead, we sought to infuse fresh personality into its already established identity, developing a brand that celebrates where KFI Studios is today. 

Inspired by the company’s furniture designs, we fine-tuned every detail to make KFI’s work the star of the show. A key part of this was striking the perfect balance between personality and design, and following that thread through branding and web. The end result communicates a unique, design-driven company capable of competing with top brands in the industry.

Well-Crafted Reliability

This rebrand illustrates personality and warmth alongside the reliability and structure of KFI’s work. The logo, which features a type with rigidity, suits the designs of KFI, but is finished with details that emphasize craftsmanship and attentiveness.

Intuitive Web Design

With an abundance of products and textile libraries, KFI needed a streamlined web experience that reorganized the catalog in a user-friendly way. Modular design blocks throughout the site offer consistency and organization, creating a system that enables KFI to easily manage and rearrange the site as needed. Dynamic layouts and strategic color application give the site an engaging, eye-catching look without sacrificing ease of use.

It was vital the brand be eye-catching and unique — but also clear and easy to use across applications.

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