The St. Laurent Social Club

Elevated nuance to suit the ethos and aesthetic of a reinvented Jersey Shore staple.

The St. Laurent Social Club heralds a fresh concept into a historic Asbury Park building, mingling the old with the new for a modern hotel tinged with vintage glamor. In addition to the hotel’s 20 guest rooms and private swim club, the St. Laurent offered two new community gathering spaces: an alluring cocktail bar and an airy farm-to-table restaurant.

Inspired by the concept’s history and new vision, TPD created a cohesive brand story rich with intentional visual details and typography systems to unite each of the hotel’s distinct spaces. Ownable messaging offered the St. Laurent a poignant point of view, welcoming newcomers and long-standing guests to discover the reinvented destination.

Versatile Brand Elements

A comprehensive type system imbues personality into a welcoming yet high-end brand. TPD created typographic illustrations of curated brand messaging for the St. Laurent to use across collateral, web, and merchandise.

A custom illustration immortalizes the iconic facade of this award-winning, 19th-Century boarding house.

Elevated Dining

The food and beverage program at the St. Laurent is as diverse and culturally significant as Asbury Park itself. The St. Laurent’s Heirloom Kitchen draws inspiration from hyper-seasonal ingredients to craft one-of-a-kind dishes.

TPD created a menu design that compliments the sophistication of the restaurant while also being utilitarian in its styling for Heirloom’s ever-changing menu items.

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